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  /  The journey of the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition and Sustainable ICT

Thema De Eco Economie: van circulair tot groene skills

The journey of the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition and Sustainable ICT

Donderdag  27 mei:  13:00 – 13:45 

*this session will be in English

The journey of the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition by Jennifer Drouin and how Doughnet Economics has its impact on sustainable ICT by Wietze Kleisterlee.

As the community manager of the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition, Jennifer Drouin has made it her mission to facilitate the people of the region of Amsterdam on a journey to become a socially just and environmentally safe community within the boundaries of our planet.

In her 15 minute talk she will explain what the doughnut economy is about and how the city of Amsterdam has embraced this new economic model from a top down and bottom up perspective and how you as a student and/or teacher can become part of this movement.

Wietze Kleisterlee will present in 15 minutes how the model of Doughnut Economics could be used to arrive at sustainable ICT. Wietze sees how difficult it is for IT departments to define and measure their level of sustainable. Therefore he researches how to apply the Doughnut model for sustainable ICT. The session ends with questions & discussion.

Wietze is looking for respondents for his research. Are you an IT employee / manager or sustainability employee? Then please take part in the study. The survey is in English and will take approximately 15 minutes of your time. This is the link to the survey.


The research is a collaboration between RVO and Leiden University and supports research into IT sustainability.




Jennifer Drouin

Jennifer Drouin 

Jennifer Drouin community manager of the Amsterdam Doughnut Coalition




wietze Kleisterlee

Wietze Kleisterlee

Wietze is a student at Leiden University – ICT in Business and the Public Sector