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  /  eTwinning: A Sustainable and Inclusive European Community

eTwinning: A Sustainable and Inclusive European Community

This session is in English

Thursday  19 May:  13:00 – 13:45

Do you also want your students to grow up in a liveable, inclusive and safe world? The European Commission launched the ‘New European Bauhaus’ initiative this year, opening the global dialogue on sustainable schools, blended learning, wellbeing and inclusion. Although this may sound like a far cry, as a teacher you can create awareness for this in your daily lessons and give your students a voice.

Sharing knowledge with other European countries
Through the online exchange platform ‘eTwinning’ you can project work on key sustainability issues and develop your students’ international skills in the process. You can give your students a platform to think actively about the SDGs and develop innovative ideas, together with students from other European countries. Because knowledge and understanding of other perspectives and cultures is part of an inclusive future. And all this in a simple and accessible way. How? We will show you during the workshop.

During the workshop, we will show you how to internationalise in an environmentally conscious way with eTwinning, using real-life examples. And how you can work on SDG 11 at the same time. We invite teachers (and students) to look at their school in a new way and to reflect on their learning environment. We hope to stimulate the curiosity of participants and share personal experiences.

What is eTwinning?
eTwinning is an initiative of the European Commission. It is a secure and free online platform that enables international cooperation between schools in Europe. As a teacher, you can easily connect with fellow teachers abroad. eTwinning consists of a large network of educational professionals from 43 countries. In addition, eTwinning offers a secure project environment in which you can work together with students.


Who is the workshop for?
Teachers of vocational schools, policy officers for vocational schools, coordinators of internationalisation for vocational schools, students of vocational schools (teacher training) and teacher trainers.





Simone van Belkom

Simone is docente Engels bij Koning Willem I College


Marcel Kuiten

Marcel is werkzaam bij Rijn IJssel te Arnhem als Head of International Office