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All recordings from 2020

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Maandag 25 mei 2020

Rob de Vrind

Biomimicry: Learning from Nature 2.0

More information about the speaker Rob de Vrind.

Maandag 25 mei 2020

Lydia Fraaije

Biomimicry in Construction and Architecture

More information about the speaker Lydia Fraaije.

Dinsdag 26 mei 2020

Julie Chenedac en Marjolein Bot

Circular ICT and Energy Efficiency: Is Reuse of ICT Smart?

More information about the speakers Julie Chenadec and Marjolein Bot.

Woensdag 27 mei 2020

Daan de Kruijf en Giuseppe van der Helm

Future Skills: Circular Competencies

More information about the speakers Giuseppe van der Helm and Daan de Kruijf.

Woensdag 27 mei 2020

Daan van der Linde, Marieke van Zwoll, Britte van Die

Seize your chance as a young changemaker!

More information about the speakers, Daan van der Linde and Antoine Heideveld.

Donderdag 28 mei

Willemijn van der Zwaard en Lia Huybrechts

What influence do you have as a student on your cafeteria?

More information about the speakers Willemijn van der Zwaard, Lia Huybrechts and Els Grooten.

Donderdag 28 mei 2020

Marc Siepman

Permaculture: The Basic Principles

More information about the speaker Marc Siepman.

Vrijdag 29 mei 2020

Matthijs Schouten

Keynote: Learning from Nature

Read more about the keynote webinar and about speaker Matthijs Schouten

Vrijdag 29 mei 2020

Britt Dragstra en Nadine Bartman

SustainaBul Award Ceremony

Read more about this webinar and about the speakers Britt Dragstra and Nadine Bartman. Also, check out all the submitted best practices.